Grab a box. Do a walk through of the house with the box and fill it with 3 types of items: Junk, Donations, and Misplaced items.   JUNK: Toss out the items today. No going back, no “dumpster diving” later on to retrieve items.   DONATIONS: Most places will pick up items for free if […]

Dusting Tips

Start at the highest levels, and knock dust downward as you go. I know, it’s not a fun job… they do make a tool that cleans ceiling fans – or you could try a swiffer type dust magnet to reduce the amount of flying grossness… If you have allergies, have someone else help you! And […]


Light switches and door jambs can get pretty yucky… Greasy, oily finger and hand prints are everywhere if you don’t stay up on it. Even if you do, the germs are always there so wipe ’em away regularly and try to keep it as part of your weekly routine.

Dirt: The Bottom Line

Now that the dust has settled downward: Sweep, Vacuum, Mop. That’s why we start up high, and work our way downward. If you only follow these few tips, you’re off to a great start! The deeper you look the more you’ll find. Maybe you need to spread it out – and go room by room […]

Red, Red, Wine

Did you spill RED WINE on your clothing? Did you find a RED WINE stain on your carpet well after your party, and it’s already dried and ruined your day? Did you try everything you could think of to get rid of it? For CLOTHING: First, check the label. If it’s Dry Clean ONLY, then […]