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Now Offering Homewatch Services

Do you feel your home is safe when you leave? Whether you stay at your Florida home all year round, or you only stay in it during the holidays, it’s important to make sure your home is safe and sound when you are not there. Even if your Florida home is in fact your primary […]

Professional Window Cleaning Services

One of the nicest things to do is to be able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day through well-cleaned windows. Achieving streak-free windows could very well require the help of professional cleaners. Some may consider cleaning the windows themselves, but three things to consider are safety, time and quality. Will you be able to clean […]

Eco-friendly Tips for Your Office Space

Going green at the office is just as important as going green at home. There are some easy eco-friendly things to incorporate into your daily routine that will benefit the planet and your overall health. Adding plants to your office space not only brings some of nature indoors and looks good, but it also cleans […]

A Few Easy Ways to Go Eco-Friendly

With a growing number of people increasing their awareness regarding the health of their environment and asking questions about how each of us can make changes to contribute, here are a few things you can start with to make your transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle (if you haven’t already): Switch to Off It is […]

Why Green Cleaning is So Important for Schools

Every day, an estimated 60 million students and staff members spend time in schools across the United States, representing approximately 20 percent of our nation’s population. Alarmingly, many of them are being exposed to polluted indoor aid, including lead, asbestos, chemical fumes, pesticides, molds and other toxins on a daily basis at these schools. Introducing […]

Green Cleaning Data and Tips

There are an overwhelming number of toxic chemicals in regular household cleaners. Just to offer some perspective, here is some data regarding household and institutional cleaners, such as those used to clean schools: A janitor uses an average of 23 gallons of chemicals each year; 25 percent of which are hazardous. The institutional cleaning industry […]

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are everywhere in our homes. They are on dishes, countertops, furniture, clothing, floors, carpet, windows and floating through the air in our homes. Most cleaning products on the market are made with petroleum and other harsh chemicals, which can be toxic to you, your family and pets. As the health and environmental impacts […]