General House Cleaning

The other type of One-Time Cleaning is our Basic GENERAL CLEANING, and it is about half the price of our Top-to-Bottom Cleaning, but still a great service option!


We will focus most of our time and energy on the basics rather than hand-cleaning all those high and low areas and hard to reach places. With Our BASIC GENERAL CLEANING we focus on the bathrooms, the floors, the kitchen and general dusting like table tops and furniture, through- out the house.


The General Cleaning includes:

Scrubbing all the showers, the tubs, the toilets and the sinks, we wipe down all the countertops and the appliances and inside the microwave (not the oven), we’ll clean the mirrors and glass, and of course dust and polish the furniture. We also sweep and mop all bare floors and vacuum all the carpets. We just won’t have the time to focus on all of the hand washing and vacuuming of the high and low areas and all the woodwork and trim.

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