7 Effective Tips To Recover Your Cleaning Motivation

It’s completely valid not wanting to clean your house because you aren’t in the mood. However, as the mess grows, the motivation gets lower. To break that vicious cycle, check out these seven amazing tips!

Tip #1. Start with small things

Most of the time, starting is the hardest part. Don’t you know where or how to begin your cleaning journey? Start small!

Choose an area and a specific activity like ‘picking up the clothes on my bed’ or ‘sweeping the kitchen floor.’ Leave bigger tasks for later. Once you start, it will be easier to keep going with the rest of the house.

Tip #2. Bring someone over

Sometimes you’ll need a little help to start your cleaning, and that’s fine. Call some friends or family to come over and help you with your chores. To make the cleaning more enjoyable, you can set up snacks and drinks or organize a meal after finishing all the tasks.

Tip #3. Play some music

Play your favorite songs or the ultimate feel-good playlist to make your chores more entertaining and lift your spirits. Did you know that physical activity can improve your mood too? If you dance and clean to the rhythm of uplifting music, you’ll feel better once you’re done.

Tip #4. Listen to a podcast or audiobook

Listening to something interesting takes away the focus from the chore you’re doing. So, this is the perfect time to catch up if you have a pending podcast episode or audiobook. 

You’ll end up focusing more on the audio than the task at hand, time will fly off, and you’ll end before you realize it.

Tip #5. Take “cleaning breaks”

If YouTube, Instagram, or any other app keeps you from starting your chores, embrace them instead of fighting them. Set a number of posts or videos to stop and take ten minutes to do cleaning tasks—try to do everything you can before the time is over.

That way, the focus won’t be on the chores, and you won’t have to leave aside your leisure time.

Tip #6. Don’t do it everything at once

Keeping a cleaning mood for hours could feel like a burden—even more if you didn’t feel like it from the start. However, you don’t need to finish all your tasks at once, one after another. Instead, you can spread all your chores throughout the day or week.

Also, you don’t have to set a specific time to do your tasks; instead, take advantage of moments when you have more energy. Once started, do at least one chore daily to keep the cleaning momentum going.

Tip #7. Reward yourself

If you need more than playing music or bringing someone over to feel motivated, try giving yourself a treat. Pick something you’ve longed for or really like as a reward for finishing your chores.

It could be something big like getting a new bag or TV; or something simpler like a dessert or a bouquet of flowers. The important thing is to choose something that makes you happy—you deserve it!

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