Customer Guidelines

Customer Guidelines

Home Access Procedure: We're all about making your experience with us a breeze. So please sprinkle some magic by giving us a door or garage code or a snug key spot in a secure lockbox. We do not carry or bring keys with us to keep in our office. In the rare event that our team encounters difficulty in accessing your home and is unable to perform the scheduled services, a nominal fee of 50% of the service cost will be applied to cover our operational expenses and be given to your scheduled cleaner for their missed work.

Cancellation Policy: At CleanFlorida, we're here to make your experience with our service as smooth as possible. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we kindly ask for a minimum of 48 business hours' notice. Please note we are not available after hours or on weekends. Should a cancellation occur within this window, a 50% fee of the service cost will apply. This helps cover the efforts we've already put into preparing for your appointment and our cleaning technicians lost pay for the day.

While we aim to be understanding, maintaining a balanced schedule is important for everyone involved. Please understand that exceptions can't be made beyond the first occurrence. Your support is truly appreciated, and we're excited to continue delivering our warm and professional service to you. For any questions about our cancellation policy, feel free to reach out to our caring team – we're
always here to help.

Gratuity: While not mandatory, your gratuity is genuinely valued. For your convenience, we recommend a tipping range of 10-15% of the service fee. Should you wish to include a tip with your credit card payment, please don't hesitate to contact our office – we'll be more than happy to assist you. Your consideration is truly appreciated.

Payment Process: To facilitate a seamless service experience, you should already have a credit card on file for service. Payment is due at the time of services. Please note, that if you were quoted an estimated price for a one-time cleaning, our cleaning technicians do not possess access to real-time pricing information. Therefore, we encourage you to contact our office directly to obtain precise and up-to-date pricing details. Your credit card will not be run until we speak with you and follow up on your initial cleaning.

Rate Adjustment Notification: Staying on the Same Page About Rates: We believe in giving you nothing short of amazing service, and that means sometimes our rates might do a little shuffle. But no worries, we'll always give you the heads-up ahead of time. These changes usually happen when the cost of living takes a spin or when we're cooking up some awesome new service goodies.

Preparing for Your Cleaning Appointment: Let's Make Cleaning a Breeze!: We're all about turning cleaning into a total win-win. If you could give things a little tidier by picking up clutter or odds and ends, it would seriously make our day. Why? Because it lets us dive deep into detailed, top-notch cleaning that's tailor-made for you.

It's like a tag team effort – you set the stage, and we'll bring the sparkle. Your space gets all the love and attention it deserves. Thanks a million for teaming up with us to create the best cleaning experience ever!

Ensuring Excellence: We’re Your Partner in Quality and Improvement: We're on a journey to make your cleaning experience the best it can be. Your feedback and open chats are like treasures on our map to greatness. Your insights are priceless in guiding our tweaks and enhancements. So, feel free to share – we're all ears and ready to address any concerns that matter to you. You may also get to meet our field supervisor, the unsung hero of the cleaning world. You might cross paths with her during or after a cleaning session. They're the ones ensuring our crew is on point, organizing training, and making sure supplies are stocked up. Plus, they keep things spick and span through quality control checks – all to maintain the highest standards. Your involvement is key to keeping our promise of excellence alive and kicking. A sincere thank you for being a part of this journey toward an even better clean!

Unhappy with Our Service? Let's Turn That Around!: If you ever find yourself less than thrilled with our service, your first instinct might be to give another company a whirl. But here's the scoop: switching lanes might not exactly make the glitch disappear, because, well, every business dances to the human interaction beat. Yes…we’re all human. No worries, though! We're here, wearing our superhero capes, ready to tackle any bumps that come your way. Our mission? Address those concerns like champs! Our crew of all-star, dedicated pros and support team, not only excel at what they do but also crave your thoughts. If something isn't quite clicking with your vision of clean nirvana, they're all ears (not literally, of course). Oh, and did we mention the Quality Control Survey? Yep, that nifty little feedback wizard that pops up in your inbox after each cleaning session. It's like a secret portal where you, our HQ, and your tech do a virtual high-five. Your insights fire up the communication lines, helping us tackle issues and amp up our service, all tailored to your wishes.

We're all about boosting your confidence in our service – think of it as your personal cleaning hype squad. So, guess what? We're slapping a 100% satisfaction guarantee sticker on it! If any part of the puzzle doesn't fit your grand cleaning vision, just give us a shout, and we'll work our magic to find the solution. Your happiness? Yeah, we're totally obsessed with it.

The Setting:

Creating the Best Cleaning Environment: We get it – having a quiet house all to yourself is like a dream. Whether you're busy working from home or running the show, we're here to make your space sparkle. To make things run extra smoothly, if you can, try to put away any distractions so our Techs can work their magic without interruptions. Furry friends and little ones are the heart of a home, but while we're in action, we're using equipment and products that are best for grown-ups. So, if you could give your pets a little vacation in their safe spot and keep the kiddos entertained in another area, that would be great.

We've got a team of pros who are as friendly as your favorite neighbor, but they're also on a mission – a cleaning mission! They're all set to whip through your space like cleaning superheroes, and they're all about efficiency and professionalism. So, no need to set up a feast or a chat circle – they've got their eyes on the sparkle prize!

Pets: Our Furry Friends and Cleaning Magic: We've got a soft spot for pets – they're like family! While we're all about the cuddles and tail wags, safety comes first. So, if you've got a pet that's a bit on the wild side or might want to join in on the cleaning fun, it's best to give them a cozy spot where they can hang out safely. Now, we're all in for being superheroes when it comes to cleaning, but we've got to draw the line at a sick pet party or any pet accidents. And those litter boxes? We'll leave those to you and your fur baby.

Cleaning Tools and Products: CleanFlorida will arrive with the most cleaning supplies and tools needed to clean your home. We do ask that you provide your own vacuum cleaner to eliminate any cross-contamination between homes and a toilet brush in each bathroom. Our teams will bring all other tools/clothes and disinfectant with them. We typically have all PH Neutral and Eco Friendly products. We ARE a bleach-free company. Additionally, When you make a request for us to utilize your designated cleaning products and tools, we will be sure to accommodate your preference. However, it is important to note that while we will certainly accommodate this preference, we cannot guarantee the same level of sparkle and efficacy on your surfaces as we possess a more extensive familiarity with the performance of our internally tested cleaning products.

Insurance: Our company does carry Liability Insurance, Workman’s Compensation for injury, and Bonding for theft. You may request a copy of any of our insurance certificates at any time.

Taxes: At CleanFlorida we only hire in-house employees and not independent contractors. CleanFlorida is responsible for all taxes on our employees and neither you nor they will receive a tax bill at the end of the year.

Independent Contracting and our Non-Compete Policy:

Please note that our staff signed a two-year non-compete contract when they were hired with CleanFlorida. They are prohibited from working weekends/side gigs or for our CleanFlorida Clients during their employment with us and for up to two years after their departure from CleanFlorida. If they break this contract they are subject to a $2500 non-compete clause violation fine. Additionally, we have spent considerable time, effort, and expenses on recruiting, prescreening, training, and onboarding our team members. Heck, We know you love them too because we do not just hire anyone who walks in our door. Our team goes through a stringent hiring and screening process. If you want to hire one of our team members the Minimum Recruitment fee is $5000.00. This covers our training and replacement costs to hire another team member.

Breakage and Damage Policy:

Ensuring Clarity and Resolution:

PLEASE READ ME Accidents happen, and while we strive to prevent them, we recognize that breakage or damage can occur in the course of our cleaning services. We touch over 900,000 items each year and because we have professionally trained cleaning techs we have an incredibly low .0013% breakage rate. So yes, CRAZY low, but still when you’re part of the .0013 percent it stings. We want to ensure our policies are clear and transparent, so here's what you need to know about breakage and damage.

1. Prevention of Breakage: Breakage sometimes occurs due to items that could be considered booby traps. These are objects that might pose a higher risk of breakage due to their insecure placement or construction (e.g., pictures not hung securely, top-heavy items with unstable bases, and wobbly or tippy objects). Please take note that we cannot accept responsibility for such items.

2. Preparation for Cleaning: Prior to our visit, we kindly request that you move any expensive figurines, glassware, and fragile, or unstable items to a location we do not clean. Alternatively, you can choose to have us skip cleaning that specific area if you prefer not to assume the associated risks. If it cannot be replaced from Home Goods or Target, we are not going to dust it.

Breakage Due to Unstable Items: Instances of breakage can sometimes occur when items are unstable or unsecured, such as doors not properly secured on tracks items that are wobbly, or light fixtures not secured properly. The most common unstable items are Window Treatments not anchored, wall hangings not anchored, bathroom vanity lights, and chandelier lights not tightened. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for breakage resulting from such situations.

4. Reimbursement for Breakage: We understand the value of your belongings, and therefore, we are committed to reimbursing up to $100 per broken or damaged item after conducting a review of the incident.

5. Product Usage and Liability: If you provide cleaning products for us to use, our cleaners will follow the instructions on the label. However, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the products themselves. 6. Vacuum Wear and Tear: We want to bring attention to the normal wear and tear that your vacuum may experience over time. While using it, we cannot be held liable for any natural deterioration that may occur. We will be responsible for cleaning out your vacuum after each usage, but our clients will be responsible for maintenance and normal usage repairs.

****By hiring us and engaging in our services, please note that you have agreed to our Client Guidelines ****

At CleanFlorida, I take personal responsibility for my team's actions. Our policies are designed to mitigate risks and ensure fairness, not to avoid accountability. Any unresolved incidents will be personally reviewed by me to ensure the fairest resolution possible. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to resolving any issues to your contentment. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you require further clarification regarding any of our policies. We're always here to support you. Understand that entering someone's home is a deeply personal and emotional task, and we treat it with the utmost care and respect. In the event of a misstep, your communication is invaluable to us. We're dedicated to resolving any concerns promptly and effectively. Thank you for entrusting us with your home, your most valuable possession.

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