Commercial Cleaning in Naples: How much does it cost and what to expect

Commercial Cleaning in Naples; how much does it cost? Professional cleaners can tidy up dirty offices on an ongoing basis or during a one-time visit. Regardless of square footage or business type, The pros at Clean Florida can handle most cleaning jobs, regardless of square footage or business type. Frequency, facilities and specifics of the job all affect the cost of office cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning in Naples

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At Clean Florida, we will do a walk-through before providing an estimate. In order to provide a good service, we will need to see the space, including the floors, break rooms, gym, and they need to determine how much cleaning is needed to start with.

Square Footage

In general, the larger the office space, the more expensive cleaning it will be. Labor, cleaning products and time are all factors considered when calculating what it will take to clean a specific square footage.

One-time Cleaning

Dirtiness is the main cost factor for a one-time cleaning. Most one-time customers are smaller companies or startups that are just moving into a space and want to start fresh.

Ongoing Service

After a walk-through, we will offer a set price. Our rates include the cost of labor and cleaning supplies, as well as overhead costs such as insurance, worker’s compensation, payroll taxes and company vehicles.   The greater the number of bathrooms, the higher the cost. Bathrooms and kitchens are high-traffic areas that require an extra level of sanitation and attention to detail.

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