Extend the Life of Your Carpet

If you’re cleaning and maintaining the carpet in your home or office regularly, it can last twice as long. Extra time and money spent over the long run can end up saving time, money, and hassle in the future. Plus, it’ll keep your carpet looking fresh and clean.

Keep Dirt Out.

You should also have water absorbent and thick, coarse mats at exterior doors of the house so that people entering and exiting keep their shoes clean before they come in. Having visitors take their shoes off when they come inside can also help keep dirt out.

Do it Yourself.

When you’re living in a home covered in carpet, you need to be vacuuming at least twice a week to keep excess dirt out. Yearly deep cleanings of the carpeted flooring will help clean anything that has been ground into the carpet, while also adding the benefit of keeping your family healthier. You can rent steam cleaners from most hardware stores, or if you prefer to have carpeted floors, it may be prudent to purchase your own steam cleaner.

Use a Professional.

If you don’t feel comfortable using the steam cleaning hardware or you would prefer to have a professional do the cleaning, then hire someone. There are professionals who can use the best and least invasive cleaning products, the best tools, and they can do they job without interrupting your day. Before hiring someone, be sure to get multiple quotes for work, read reviews from other customers, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Clean Stains Right Away.

When you spill spaghetti sauce or red wine, or the kids and dog take a lap around the house covered in dirt, use a good spot cleaner on the stain right away. Read the directions carefully and be patient. If you don’t happen to have cleaner in the house and it’s too late to go out and buy some, then club soda or even just hot water will work – just remember to blot, don’t scrub.

Time and patience will keep your carpet lasting longer and looking better. While carpet is generally the flooring you find in offices or rental apartments rather than newer homes, people still prefer to install it, and like other flooring, you will want it to last as long as possible before replacing it.


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