Home Safety Practices that are Simple to Implement

There are many simple and cost-effective ways to better the safety of your home. Some of these include keeping up with home maintenance, paying attention to hazards in the yard, ample lighting, door upgrades, and keeping windows secure.

An easy way to ensure your home is safe is in keeping up with issues as they arise versus letting them go until they get so bad that you have no choice but to pay attention. Issues such as those related to doors that do not close properly or locks that don’t seem to work properly at times can put you, your loved ones and your home at risk. With doors not closing properly, burglars may be able to enter your home fairly easily, and if there is a door that gets stuck at time, this could cause a hazard in case of a fire or other emergency when you and your loved ones may have to leave in a hurry.

Homeowners should keep up with the maintenance of their home. Fixing things as soon as they come up can keep you safe and save you money in the long run. Paying for something when it first comes up could be a lot less costly then having to find someone to repair something in an emergency situation.

Proper yard maintenance is also a good way to keep your home safe. Removing dead foliage and plants from the yard and keeping everything neatly trimmed back is a good way to prevent burglars from having good hiding spots around the house. All plants should also be kept close to the house or walls so that a potential burglar cannot hide behind them.

Ample lighting is another way to keep your home safe by allowing everyone to easily see your yard. Using motion sensors are also very helpful as motion sensor lights act as an alarm that attracts attention to any area a burglar may be targeting. Installing proper lighting is relatively inexpensive and pretty simple to do.

Front doors are often where burglars will attempt to enter a home. Many homeowners will elect to install a security door, which is commonly a secondary metal-framed door with a metal screen. Another option is to use longer screws to secure your existing door’s hinges and strike plate. With longer screws securing these points on your door, your home will be better protected against burglars. Adding metal to the lock hardware will protect the only other vulnerable part, which longer screws cannot secure. Upgrading existing locks is another bonus safety feature.

Placing a film right over the glass of your windows is another way to improve the safety of your home. The security film is available in a variety of protection levels and can resist everything from scratches to gun shots. Different companies offer tints, which will obscure the inside of the home and even keep the interior cooler.

These steps are cost-conscious.

For extended absences from your home, entrusting an experienced home watch company to ensure everything is running smoothly and is secure could be a great option as well. Call us today to discuss all of your home watch service needs.

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