How To Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over (In 3 Easy Steps!)

Cleaning baseboards is not the easiest of tasks, as you have to spend a lot of time on your hands and knees. It gets even more complicated if you struggle to bend over without getting hurt. 

But that’s over! Follow this three-step guide to clean your baseboards without bending over or kneeling.

Step #1 First things first: dust the baseboards

Dust can settle very quickly on surfaces you don’t often clean, which is why sometimes your baseboards look so dirty even when they’re only dusty. 

So, dusting is always the first thing you should do when cleaning your baseboards. This way, if your baseboards only have a superficial layer of dust, you can get rid of it in a few quick wipes by running your cleaning tool from side to side. 

Which cleaning tool is the best?

Dusting can be quite easy if you have the right tools, like a long-handle duster or a vacuum cleaner with a long wand attachment. 

However, if you don’t own one of those tools, you can easily make one! All you need to do is cover the bristles of a broom with a microfiber cloth, attaching it with rubber bands to keep it in place. 

Tip: When cleaning baseboards, don’t forget to clean the edges. Otherwise, dust and dirt can remain hidden.

Step #2 Next: Take care of the stains

Once you’re done dusting, you’ll have a clear look at the more stubborn stains so you can eliminate them. 

You only need liquid dish soap, vinegar, water, a spray bottle, and a mop (or your DIY tool) to rub away stains. The spray bottle will help you get the solution directly on the baseboards from a distance—you can also do this in a bucket instead and dip your tool in the mix. 

To make your mix, fill a spray bottle with half warm water and half white vinegar and add a splash of dish soap. Once the solution is ready, spray the baseboards (or dip the tool in the bucket) and rub the stains away!

Step #3 Last but not least: dry the baseboards

Once your baseboards are as clean as you want, the only thing left to do is dry them. You can use the same DIY tool but with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Then, simply run the tool from side to side to eliminate all the moisture on the baseboards. Drying them will help avoid the baseboards from becoming damaged or waterlogged.

Extra: How to keep the dust away

Since everything is now clean, you surely want to keep it that way as long as possible. To do that, change the microfiber cloth in your homemade tool for dryer sheets and wipe your baseboards.

The dryer sheets remove static which would otherwise attract dust. You won’t have to repeat this clean-up as often!

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