How to Clean Windows and Mirrors Without Leaving Streaks

If you’re among the people who gets frustrated over the fact that commercial glass cleaners often leave streaks on windows and mirrors, you’re not alone.

If you do a Google search as to the reason this happens, there are tons of people who have chimed in with their opinions. Some think it’s due to the chemicals that are used to make the cleaner while others say it’s less about the solution that’s being used and more about “operator error” of the person who is doing the cleaning.

Either way, the streaks can be enough to drive a person nuts. The good news is that there is an easy way to get this job done—without needing to worry about dealing with pesky streaks.

Enter vinegar and water

One of the fastest, easiest ways to get your windows clean involves a small spray bottle, vinegar and water.  Fill the bottle with a mixture of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water.

Yes, we understand the idea of cleaning with vinegar can seem a bit strange, but it works.

You also need to be mindful of the cloth you use for cleaning

If you’re among the people who has a stack off cleaning cloths stored under a sink or in your cleaning closet, you may want to think twice before using one of those rags to clean your windows.

Cleaning cloths often collect whatever solution they’ve been used with in the past. Running them through the laundry is good, but if you use an oil-based cleaner (ie: orange oil to clean wood furniture), the washer may not remove all of the lingering residue.

If this happens and you use the cloth to clean glass or mirrors, you may still have a streak problem.

The best way to ensure your windows and mirrors are streak free is to use the vinegar and water solution with plain white paper towels. (Paper towels that are printed with patterns or designs may also leave streaks.)

In closing

The next time you’re on a house cleaning mission, we challenge you to use this pro tip. We believe you’ll be as satisfied with the results are we are! It’s also worth noting that a vinegar / water solution is ecofriendly and non-toxic, which makes it a great choice for any household.

If this works for you, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Happy cleaning!

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