How to Get Employees Involved in Office Cleanliness

Employees in the United States spend an average of 1,896 hours at work every year. Even so, your employees are not as likely to spend as much time keeping their office space clean as they would their homes. This can create an unhealthy office environment that won’t do much to attract new clients or retain current employees. There are various ways to encourage your employees’ involvement in office cleaning practices.

Make cleanliness equal to health and safety. Keeping your office clean shouldn’t just be about keeping common areas looking tidy or making desks look presentable. It’s also important to the overall health and safety of the office. If your office is clean and presentable every day, employees are less likely to call out sick. The space is healthier and more productive. There won’t be as many hazards around that could lead to workplace accidents. Cleaning regularly can ensure that documents and devices are better protected in case of a natural disaster as well.

Schedule office cleaning days and times. At least two times a year, your office should undergo a deep cleaning. This is for safety and health, as mentioned before. If you turn these times into corporate events where employees can dress down and work together in teams, it benefits in two ways. Your office gets cleaned, and also your employees form a closer bond. It’s also helpful to designate the last half hour every day to cleaning, even if it’s not necessarily on the office docket. This way, your desk is clean and ready for the next day or week.

Hire an office cleaning company. This is the simplest way to keep the office clean. Having a cleaning company makes some people assume their employees will feel that they no longer need to clean. But, remind your employees that it’s helpful to cleaning staff when you clean up after yourself and make their job easier. Put garbage in bins; keep the tables clean; empty the dishwasher; and keep common areas empty of excessive waste.

The more your team contributes, the more they’ll take pride in the overall well being of the office and the company. Office cleanliness should be considered at the top of the list of importance for most companies. Keep your employees involved, safe, happy, and well with simple tools.