Not All Home Watch Service Companies Are The Same

The term “home watch” is used to refer to absentee homeowner inspections, unoccupied residence or property inspection services. These services are mostly designed for second homeowners and rental property owners who are away from their home, for example, and in another city or state, for extended periods of time. Home watch is a valued service that provides peace of mind and protection for your home or property through regular on-site inspections. During these visits, a home watch specialist will look for signs of damage or danger, both immediate and potential. Although this type of service is most common for those with second homes who live in another city or state, home watch services are also used by homeowners who work long hours or are away from their home for an extended amount of time due to a variety of other reasons.

Our home watch approach is comprehensive. Here are a few things we include within our home watch services:

  • Inspect to look for exterior signs of damage, wear and tear, and animal or pest intrusions
  • Look at landscaping, exterior lighting, and patio/porch areas to ensure everything is in it’s right place and working properly
  • Look for signs of wood rot on the home
  • Check length of trees to ensure they are trimmed away from the home
  • Inspect the condition of the paint on the home
  • Inspect interior of home, paying special attention to ensure that appliances, HVAC units and water heater are in good working condition
  • Inspect all lights and make sure bulbs are replaced if necessary
  • Check the attic, garage, and crawl spaces
  • Ensure there are no leaks in the house, especially in the attic and around windows
  • Test alarm systems to make sure they are working properly
  • Ensure the property is properly locked and secured

These are just a few of the services we provide. Others include hurricane and flooding notifications and preparation. Post storm inspections.

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