Prep Your Home for Vacation

Memorial Day has passed, and so begins summer. Most people take their family vacations during the summertime. The kids are out of school, work has slowed, and the weather is beautiful. Packing the whole family up can be a chore, but how do you prep your home for a longer vacation? Here are some simple cleaning tips to keep your home in order while you’re gone, and ready for your return.

Prep your pets. If you have a pet sitter staying at your home or if you’re taking Fido along, make sure you have everything you need to keep them happy. Keep a few favorite toys out, treats, and plenty of food. If you have a sitter, make sure you leave detailed exercise and feeding instructions. If you’re taking your pet along for the trip, plan for plenty of put stops and try to visit as many pet-friendly places as possible.

Clean out the fridge. If you’re going to be out of town for a week or longer, it’s likely you have items in your fridge that could go bad. Make sure you and your family consume as much as you can before you leave, and take the time to give it a good cleaning before you go.

Do the laundry. The clothing you pack will be clean, and the clothing you left home will be clean when you return. This is a win-win. It leaves you with less work when you return, so all you’re left to do is clean the clothing you used on vacation.

Prep your plants. If your plants are on a watering schedule, try to find a friend or neighbor who would be willing to care for them while you’re gone. It helps to leave a detailed schedule and list of all the plants for their caregiver.

Leave a light on. Consider purchasing an inexpensive timer for a few lights in the house. This will make the house appear occupied while you and your family are away, and it’s less likely you’ll face damages from a break in when you return.

Unplug some appliances. If you’re away for longer than a week, consider unplugging and turning off appliances that eat up a lot of power. Also consider setting your thermostat at one temperature. If you have a smart house, you can even control this from far away.

Take care of mail and newspapers. If you’re gone for even a few days, the delivery of mail and newspapers building up makes your home look vacant. Ask a close neighbor to collect these items for you and hold them, or even drop them inside your home.

Clean the house. Coming home to a messy house because you rushed while packing can be a hassle. Take an extra couple hours to clean your home before you leave so that everything is in order before you get back; this will relieve a lot of stress and will allow you to only have to worry about the items you brought on your trip.

Change your sheets. What’s better than getting in bed with clean sheets? Make sure to treat yourself a little when you get back from your trip. Re-introduce yourself to your own bed in comfort and cleanliness.

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