Reasons to hire a cleaning company

Reasons to hire a cleaning company to help you with end-of-lease cleaning… As a landlord, you want to make sure that your rentals are in tip-top shape when you start to show them to would-be renters.

Yet as you already know, not all of your tenants will give their unit a good scrubbing before their departure. If you’re not wanting to take this job up on your own, it may be worth contacting a professional house cleaning company to give you a hand.

Great cleaning services can help you rent the unit faster

If a prospective renter is looking at several apartments but two of the three have walls that still need to be patched and rooms that need to be cleaned, the landlord with the best-kept unit will likely get the rental application.

They’ll know the right way to clean your property

Professional Naples cleaners know how to get this type of job done right. They know which areas to clean and which rooms to complete first. Not surprisingly, a professional maid service will get the job done a lot faster (and a lot more efficiently) than a landlord would.

Professionals can help rid the property of unwanted smells

If your prior tenants had one or more pets, there’s a decent chance that some of the pet smell has lingered. This can be as alarming to you as it is to potential tenants. A cleaning service will be able to help you deodorize the property.

Stains be gone

Some stains are tougher to remove than others. If a stain is especially stubborn, a professional will know what needs to be done to get it out. Sure, you could spend an hour or more trying to handle this on your own, but when you hire a cleaning service, the only thing you’ll need to do is to sit back and relax.

You’ll be less likely to get complaints from your new tenants

As we mentioned earlier, professional cleaners know how to clean a rental unit from top to bottom. If you decide to hire your neighbor’s teenage children, or if you decide to try to clean the unit yourself, there are things you’ll likely miss. A cleaning company will give you assurances that all of the rooms, cabinets, closets and appliances are cleaned properly.

If you have a rental unit that needs end-of-lease cleaning, call Clean Florida today at  239-236-0183 for a free quote.