Tips for cleaning up after a Labor Day bash

The end of summer is just around the corner- and if you’re among the people who will be hosting a Labor Day party, it’s bound to be filled with good friends, good food and good times.

It can also mean you’ll find yourself dealing with quite the mess once your houseguests head home.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to make the job a bit easier.

Clean as you go

If you plan on doing any prep cooking before the festivities begin, it’s always best to clean those dishes (and your kitchen) before the party starts.

Sure, piling up the dishes on your counter may seem like the easiest thing to do at the time, but it can make your post-party clean up that much more arduous.

If you’re able to run those dishes through your dishwasher, and empty your dishwasher before the party starts, all the better.

Be a minimalist when it comes to decorating

Although some homeowners in Southwestern FL like to go overboard with things like balloons and streamers, those who don’t overdo it find they have a lot less clutter to clean up after the party comes to a close. When it comes to decorating, in some cases, less can be more.

Outside please!

Remember- it’s easier to clean a patio (and grass) than it is to clean a carpet. Try to encourage your guests to make use of your outdoor spaces. This will help you keep the party mess in check.

Plastic utensils and paper plates will make your life a lot easier

Party planners generally recommend you use machine-washable tablecloths, but when it comes to knives, forks and plates, disposable items are a lot easier to deal with. If you do opt to use plastic utensils, consider adding a separate wastebasket for recyclables.

Parchment paper is your friend

If you plan on cooking things in your oven, line your pans with parchment paper, since this will cut down the amount of scrubbing you’ll need to do at the end of the night.

Need help? Call Clean Florida today

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