Tips for Hiring the Best Possible Housekeeping Service

If you’re interested in hiring a housekeeping service but you’re not sure what types traits to look for, you should know that there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First and foremost, you’ll want to hire a house cleaning service that’s trustworthy. If you feel as if you can’t trust your housekeeper, you’re not going to want to have them in your home. Yes, trust can take a long time to develop, but you when you meet the person who is going to be cleaning your home for the first time, you shouldn’t have any internal bells or alarms going off. If something doesn’t feel quite right the first time you meet, it’s OK to call someone else.

A second key thing you’ll want to look for relates to reliability. Do they have a track record of arriving on time? Do they show up on the days that have been previously agreed upon? One of the best ways to determine how reliable a housekeeping service will be is to check their online reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google+.

Third, you’ll want to find someone who can be flexible. If you need help cleaning your windows in advance of a family visit, it will be important to have a helper who will be willing to help you with a non-standard task. Do you need help cleaning out a large closet? Do you have a shower door that has a bunch of pesky stains that will need some extra attention before houseguests arrive? Finding someone who can be flexible is key.

Lastly, you’ll want to work with someone who is approachable, effective and kind, especially if you plan on working with the house cleaning service long-term. If you’re going to pay to have a person (or a service) clean your home, you’ll want to feel as if you’re getting value.

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