Tools for Personal Safety and Self Defense

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of being attacked, but according to a recent Gallup poll, close to 45 percent of women say they do not feel safe walking outdoors near their home at night. Women between ages of 18 to 29 feel especially vulnerable. Statistics indicate that a violent crime occurs every twenty six seconds in the United States. Statistics also show that one out of every six women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. This is alarming, but being informed and trying to be as prepared as one can be in case this happens, is an important part in keeping safe.

With this information in mind, here are a list of personal safety devices that can help you to defend yourself in case someone tries to attack you:

Pepper spray: pepper spray comes in small, lightweight containers. This is especially helpful for runners, hunters and anyone else who wants easy access to protection when they are on the move. It comes in aerosol form and also in a gel spray form. The gel spray form is said to be a safer choice, because they seem to only affect the person being sprayed, while the aerosol sprays sometimes affect the person who is using the spray as well.

Stun guns: there are stun guns that are small enough to conceal in your hand or purse and some come with a built-in keychain and flashlight for added convenience.

Other devices to help ensure your personal safety include whistles, panic buttons that are connected to apps with a variety of features, and wearable alarms. It is always better to be as prepared as one can possibly be, in the case that something were to happen, than to be caught off guard and wish one had a small tool that could truly make a big difference.

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