Home Security Tips and Home Watch Service

Your home should be a safe zone for you and your family, but even in the safest cities across the nation, there is a chance that your home could be broken into. Research indicates that a break in occurs every twenty seconds in the United States. With statistics like that, it pays to take extra steps in boosting the security of your home.

Whether you choose to add to your existing home security system or you are just looking to make your home less vulnerable to a potential burglar, here are some home security tips that you may not have thought of:

Assess any possible security weaknesses in and around your home. The first step in protecting your home, your loved ones and your valuables is in becoming aware of any existing security vulnerabilities. This could include landscaping in your yard, leaving a spare key in a way-too-obvious spot or other things.

After you have assessed for possible weaknesses, it is time to assess your neighborhood as a whole. Being aware of any crime that is taking place in your neighborhood allows you to be able to take better precautions and keep your family and belongings safe. There are crime reports readily available to keep tabs on what is going on around your home.

Installing indoor and outdoor security cameras is one of the top things that people say they wish they had done before their home was broken into. In the event that your home is burglarized, camera footage can help law enforcement to identify those responsible for the burglary. There are many types on the market, some of which are included as a part of a complete home security system. The most effective cameras are the ones with features, such as motion detectors, night vision, and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

Other important tips include:

  • Be careful to not hide any spare key in an obvious location, such as doormat or a planter. Instead, hide the key in a less obvious place at least fifty feet from your home or invest in a keyless door lock that works with your home automation system.
  • Replace your front door with a steel core door or another security door if you don’t already have one, instead of a wooden door that is easy for a burglar to break.
  • Keep doors locked, even when you are home.
  • Hide valuable items, possibly in a safe that looks like an everyday item like a clock or electrical outlet.
  • Make it look like you are home, even when you are not.
  • Secure your yard, keep shrubs trimmed, install motion sensor lighting surrounding your home, and secure sheds with a padlock.
  • Keep your garage locked.

A great way to have peace of mind when you are not home for any extended period of time is to hire a professional home watch service to keep an eye on everything in and around your home. What could be better than protecting your sanctuary with a professional home watch service?! Our team of professionals offers home watch. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer.



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