What Does the Term Green Cleaning Really Mean?

Green cleaning has a lot of definitions, but the primary focus of green cleaning is to use cleaning solutions and methods that keep us and our environment healthy. Green cleaning can fall under the category of using green cleaning products or cleaning your home and/or office in a way that reduces waste (or both).

For some home and business owners, green cleaning means that they only use substances like baking soda, vinegar and lemons to clean the home or office. These substances are considered natural green cleaners. Other home and business owners may utilize manufactured green cleaning products that are healthy for the environment. When looking for products that are not harmful to the environment, you want to avoid phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances, and artificial colors. Many cleaners on the market now are also marketed as being biodegradable. Other cleaning solutions have ingredients that are grown organically or produced using sustainable farming practices. Some green cleaning products may certify that their items are fair trade meaning that the product meets particular fair labor standards through those who have produced the product. Green cleaning products may not be free of additives or harmful chemicals – they may use recycled packaging or donate a portion of their profits to environmental causes. These are all examples of different types of green cleaning products.

To be able to decipher whether or not a product is green, there are a variety of labeling programs to classify cleaning products.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment program labels products that meet EPA’s criteria for chemicals. These products should have the Design for the Environment (DfE) label.   Other items are labeled as low VOC or no VOC, meaning that they have a either a lower concentration of volatile organic compounds or none at all.

As more attention turns to environmental initiatives, the debate about whether green cleaning products are as safe as traditional cleaners has grown. When it comes to killing germs and halting the spread of infection, it is very important to have an effective product and some people have a hard time believing that cleaners that do not contain harsh chemicals can as effectively remove germs and infection. There has also been a debate about the price of green cleaners. The fact is that there are green cleaners that are very effective in the removal of germs and the prevention of infection. There are also green cleaners that are not extremely overpriced.

Making choices that are safer for you, your loved ones and the environment is imperative. Our team of green cleaning professionals is prepared to answer any and all questions you may have prior to making decisions regarding the cleaning of your home or office.

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