Home Watch Services and Hurricane Preparedness


Our home watch services consist of regularly scheduled inspections and by specialists who will ensure all aspects of your property are well maintained. Inspections include general security, pest control, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, pool service, leak inspection, appliance inspection and landscape maintenance. We can also coordinate for inspections of the structure of your home, including surface cracks, leaks, and water intrusion. You can rest assured that all services needed at your home will be promptly addressed and closely monitored until completed to your satisfaction. We believe in forming relationships with our clients in order to get to know all facets of their homes and their needs. The goal is to give you peace of mind in knowing that assistance is just a call away whether you are in town or away.

With the recent hurricanes, we found ourselves tending to many people’s homes and preparing them for the impending storm, rather than having clients have to rush back into town to prepare their own homes. Part of the home watch services we offer includes monitoring of any severe weather and in case of any severe weather heading our way, notifying our clients to make sure the home is completely secured with shutters and any other materials that may be needed. We also provide post-severe weather inspections to see if the homes have suffered any damage, and if so, again coordinating with the homeowner(s) to take care of any necessary repairs, including water damage, cracks and leaks, and more.

Homes require regular service. Today, many homeowners employ at least one service company to handle all of the different types of care that homes need on a regular basis. Rather than dealing with all of the coordination and scheduling yourself, we can coordinate all of that for you under our home watch services, including providing any interior access that is necessary for any vendor.    

Your home is your sanctuary.  We understand the very many intricate parts of managing a home well and our team of professionals is prepared to care for your home.

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