How to Clean Rust in Your Shower

Rust stains are a common problem in Southwest Florida.  It really does not matter how clean your shower is; if there are rust stains, it always looks dirty (Darn it!) We understand!  Typically, this is caused by water with high iron content is usually to blame for those unsightly orange streaks, but corrosion around fixtures can cause rust stains, too. So what can you do to remove rust stains from the shower?

Scrubbing them with bleach may seem like the best option, but bleach sets the stains, interacting with rust to make the discoloration worse. Harsh chemical cleaners can ruin porcelain, scratch stainless steel fixtures, and damage glass or plastic shower doors. So you need a cleanser that’s gentle enough for delicate surfaces, but tough enough to power through rust. You need Bar Keepers Friend.  Here at Clean-Florida, we love Barkeeper’s Friend for this problem and so many more! It is critical to have this product in you home at all times!Still having trouble cleaning those stubborn rust stains? Let us take the stress out of cleaning your rust stains mess! Book a cleaning now!

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