How to Keep Your Kids Healthy at School

In order to keep your kids healthy this school year it is imperative they get enough sleep, eat HEALTHY foods and most importantly WASH THEIR HANDS! Teach your children some of the germiest places and make sure they use hand sanitizer often. When my daughter was in grade school they had them everywhere. Teach them to wash their hands or get a squirt of sanitizer after touching some of these top germiest places! Do NOT touch your eyes or mouth either…..Easier said than done. Good luck and stay healthy out there.


The Top 10 Germiest Places in a Classroom

  1. Water fountain toggle
  2. Manual pencil sharpener handle
  3. Computer keyboard
  4. Sink faucet handle
  5. Paper towel dispenser lever
  6. Sink countertop
  7. Computer mouse
  8. Student desktop
  9. Student chair back
  10. Soap dispenser lever
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