Implementing Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Practices at Work

Implementing a cleaning for good health program results in improved indoor air quality and will significantly reduce the health and environmental impacts of the cleaning chemicals you use to maintain your facility.

The following steps provide a guide in making the transition successful:

  1. Create a committee to organize and implement
  2. Evaluate your current cleaning products
  3. Design and implement a pilot project to test methods and various products
  4. Educate everyone on the staff about the new policy and the pilot project
  5. Gradually phase in all of the green products
  6. Keep a watchful eye (and ear) for new opportunities to make environmentally friendly purchases in support of the project
  7. Reward the staff for taking part in the initiative

In adopting a new policy, establish your priority (clean for health), which tells the staff that you value their health and that you are willing to make the changes in order to protect their health. Tailor your policy around our organization’s goals, which could be as simple as complying with legislation or pursuing broad environmental sustainability.

In establishing a committee that includes representative groups of people who are likely to be affected by the changes, including administration, custodial staff, building occupants, healthcare staff, and unions. Let the committee know that they will be responsible for representing everyone else and will need to raise concerns, answer questions, and otherwise participate in developing and implementing a successful green cleaning program. As committee members, participants will be involved in evaluating efficacy of environmentally friendly cleaning methods, how a change impacts their consultancy, and the overall success of the project.

In the implementation process, assess products, equipment, and practices across the entire business and evaluate them from both an environmental and a human health standpoint. Identify which products contain hazardous substances and can be replaced by healthier alternatives. Examine processes and procedures, and determine where improvements can be made.

We have a team of professionals who can come in, meet with you to determine your needs, and implement this type of program for you. We can meet with your staff to explain the processes, if you wish, and we provide full cleaning services with environmentally friendly and health friendly practices in mind. Call us today to schedule a consultation.



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