Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Services

As society continues to become more and more informed regarding climate change and contributors to climate change and works to become greener, we have committed to providing all of our commercial clients with safe and environmentally friendly commercial cleaning services. Our green cleaning services include the utilization of environmentally friendly products, in order to reduce […]

Easy Ways to Go Green

With a growing number of people increasing their awareness regarding the health of their environment and asking questions about how each of us can make changes to contribute and go green, here are a few things you can start with to make your transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle (if you haven’t already): Switch to […]

Implementing Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Practices at Work

Implementing a cleaning for good health program results in improved indoor air quality and will significantly reduce the health and environmental impacts of the cleaning chemicals you use to maintain your facility. The following steps provide a guide in making the transition successful: Create a committee to organize and implement Evaluate your current cleaning products […]