Ways to Jumpstart Your Summer Cleaning Routine

Naples house cleaningNow that the kids have finished up school (and Mom’s Driving Service has gotten a bit of a break), you may have your sights turned to getting your home organized.

Summer is an idea time to do this. In addition to having extra time, you may have one or more pairs of small hands to help you get the job done.

Start in the kids’ rooms

Kids often grow like weeds, which means many of the school clothes you purchased last fall, no longer fit. Have your children take some time to go through their closets to determine what they can still wear- and which t-shirts, dresses, shorts and pants are now too small. If you’re planning on having a yard or garage sale, put the “too small” items aside for that event.

Get your garage organized

In our last blog post we talked about some of the ways you can get your garage organized. Since tackling this job tends to take a large chunk of time, summer may be an ideal time to do it. If you have lots of toys and/or kids’ sporting equipment stashed in this part of your home, have them go through it. If there are things they have outgrown (or no longer have a use for), you can sell it, donate it or toss it.

Go through your storage closets

People don’t often appreciate the volume of unused / unneeded stuff that gets shoved in closets. Consequentially, you’ll want to take some time to clean them out. You may be surprised at how many old coats, wayward shoes and old, unused sheet sets you may be able to get rid of.

Don’t forget the pantry

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your pantry, it’s been too long. Be sure to go through it shelf by shelf to determine what you’re still using and what needs to go. That half-used box of pancake mix that’s been in there for more than a year? It’s time to toss it.

Consider a professional housekeeping service

Summer is a great time to hire a cleaning service to deep-clean your home. Regardless as to whether you need help with window cleaning, garage cleaning or pre-event cleaning, CleanFlorida can help.

For more information on our company and our rates, call us today to speak with customer care agent in your area. Call us today to learn how we can help kickstart your summer cleaning routine.

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