Why Isn’t My House Clean Yet?

Every day, you take small steps to keep your home as clean as possible. You have door mats, you vacuum a couple times a week, and you clean the kitchen every time you use it. But, there are parts of your house that you’re not cleaning. The worst part? You don’t even realize they need to be cleaned, and you probably wonder what more you can be doing to keep your house clean. Here are some spots in your house that need a little extra attention.


Have you ever turned your fan off when you’re leaving for vacation? Have you ever taken a peek at it? It probably doesn’t look so great. Your ceiling fan accumulates an incredible amount of dirt and dust over time. Turn them off once a month and dust them with either a microfiber cloth or vacuum extension to get rid of those dust bunnies. Your allergies and sleep cycle will thank you.


You probably vacuum the floor a few times a week and walk away thinking your floors are perfectly clean. Your baseboards are a breeding ground for dirt, mud, grime, and other germs. Every month or so, vacuum those baseboards and then consider taking a wet rag or wipe with cleaning solution and gently washing them. You’d be surprised how clean they can get.


Especially in Florida, shower heads become grimy, calcified, and even rusty. The water can quickly become bad for your hair and skin, and eventually bad for you to ingest, even if it’s by mistake. In these cases, remove the shower head from the spigot and leave it soaking in warm water mixed with a cleaning solution. This solution can be either a chemical solution or an all-natural one you make at home with white vinegar and baking soda. The ingredients should be able to dissolve any calcium, lime, and mildew buildup stopping your shower head from running smoothly, and even helping prevent the water from becoming dangerous.


Have you ever removed your laundry from the dryer and somehow it has a damp smell? No matter how many times you wash that favorite shirt, the nasty smell persists. Your washer and dryer probably need to be cleaned. Use a white vinegar and baking soda for the washer, and clean the dryer vent. Your clothing will come out cleaner and smelling fresher again.


At night, you sweat and shed skin. It sounds gross, but that’s the reality. You can’t just replace the mattress whenever it gets dirty, though. Invest in a quality, washable mattress protector and wash it regularly. When you find a stain on the mattress itself, use a microfiber cloth and diluted laundry detergent to wash it away.


Laundry hampers hold your dirty clothing. They get nasty every day. Try to clean them out once a week with a simple soap and water mixture, and if yours has a cloth liner, then wash it with your clothing once a week to keep it fresh.

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