Construction Clean-up

If you’ve had any kind of work done on your home, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can be to get your clean again. Whether it’s a remodel, addition, or even a simple appliance update, this kind of work is messy. Beyond the extra hardware you’ll have inside your home, you’ll have extra people and extra traffic, and this means lots of extra dust and dirt. So what can you do to get your home clean again after a project has been completed?

Vacuum carpets, upholstery, and any soft surfaces. Before the project even begins, you should make sure you’re laying heavy tarps over anything soft that might become dirty. If you don’t have access to any and you have furniture you’re concerned about protecting, consider moving it to a room that won’t be affected by the work, or even placing it in temporary storage.

After the work is completed, use a vacuum with an extension to vacuum every piece of cloth that was exposed to any dirt or dust. If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten everything after one pass, then go through the room a second time or consider getting a heavier-duty vacuum to get the job done.

Wipe down all hard surfaces. Any hard surfaces in your home can also be covered for the duration of the project. If you need to use the surfaces, then make sure you’re cleaning them frequently. After the project is completed, find a cleaning solution which will help get rid of the dust but which also won’t scratch any of those hard surfaces. More than likely, you’ll have small pieces of dust, dirt, and even plaster or drywall or grout floating around the air in your home. All of these materials can scratch and damage surfaces.

Clean air vents and replace filters. All the air vents should be vacuumed out thoroughly, with the filters being replaced immediately. It’s a result of the work that’s being done; dust, dirt, and other particles that you normally wouldn’t encounter in your home are going to be floating around in the air. As much as you can help it, you’ll want to avoid ingesting these particles.

Take care of the little things. Any furniture or other items need to be fully wiped down and dusted to make the renovation zone a dust-free living space again. Some of the items you want to make sure not to forget are ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, lamp shades, electronics, small appliances, and any decorative items. Make sure everything is totally clean again so your living space can transform back into your home again.

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