Keeping the Dust Away

Have you ever been working in an office during a major renovation project? It can be difficult, to say the least. Usual foot traffic through the office is heightened since workers are moving in and out throughout the day, and you probably have to edit your everyday routine. You might suddenly develop allergies, or even headaches occasionally. This is somewhat to be expected, but what about keeping the office clean and also attempting to keep your sanity in check?

Remove Furniture

If you have any furniture that you don’t want getting in the way of the renovation, then remove it from the office. Especially if it’s in the area that’s being renovated, you’re better off just being safe and protecting it.

Cover Furniture

Your contractor should have plenty of tarps and blankets to spare if there are pieces that simply can’t be moved, and if not, visit your local home improvement store. Buy a few tarps or heavy construction blankets and secure them around and over any furniture you don’t want to get either dirty or damaged by the renovation process. This will ensure your property is secure and safe throughout the project.

Isolate the Renovation Area

Let’s say your whole office is being renovated. Seems like a tall order to isolate it, right? Well, if you know your contractor’s plans or renovation calendar, then you should be able to isolate each area individually while they move forward with the project. This eliminates the need for major moves throughout the office during the project, and it also should cause less interruptions during the project’s lifetime.

Make a New Path

Be clear with all or your employees at the outset about where they can and cannot go during renovation. Maybe the formal conference room needs to become the breakroom for a while, or maybe the main entryway needs to be sealed off and everyone needs to enter through the back door. Whatever instructions you need to share with your team, make sure you do it at the outset. This ensures the health and safety of both your team and the contractor’s team.

Keep Up with the Clean-Up

Even if you can’t clean the renovation sites, make sure you’re at least cleaning the offices regularly. Vacuum and dust daily if you can, and make sure that everyone is keeping up with their own office cleanups.

Air It Out

If the weather permits, open a few windows or doors. The fresh air will help you, your team, and the contractors immensely by letting any stale air and chemicals out of the enclosed space of your office.

If you find yourself in a renovation situation and you can’t handle the dust and fumes, consider getting a small air purifier for your desk. They’re inexpensive and they work wonders. If it’s still too much to handle, ask your manager if you can include a health mask in your daily wardrobe for the duration of the project. This way, you can come to work and be healthy without the risk of feeling ill or unable to complete your work.



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