How Much Time Do You Spend Cleaning?

Are you cleaning way too much this summer? Its Summertime and that means your kids are off school, running in and out of the house, at the beach (bringing sand int he house!), hanging around with friends and basically, like most kids making a mess for you to clean!  Don’t stress it! Clean-Florida has your solution! Let us clean your home so YOU can go to the beach with your kids too!

Here’s a summer cleaning tip just for you (but you really won’t need it because you’ll be at the beach with the kids while we clean for you!)

The Garden

It’s time to head outdoors and get that backyard guest-ready! First on the list: gardening tools. All of your favorite gardening supplies might have developed some rust in their time in storage. Your kitchen has all the ingredients you’ll need to rid your tools of rust.

The Patio

Your backyard patio may have taken a beating over the long winter months. Bring it back to life this summer with these cleaning tips from the pros.

The Grill

Backyard barbeques are back! Sunny weather means plenty of cookouts are in order so warm up that grill and get it ready for summer grilling. We’ve got tips on quick and easy cleaning, and how to maintain it throughout the summer season.

The Pets!

Yes, with the summer comes our least favorite warm-weather visitor: pests. They love the warm weather as much as we do. From mice to ants, here are some tips on keeping those unwanted critters away.

Oh, Those Stains!

When the sun is out, the kids and pets are out … which most likely means dirt and grass stains are a guarantee. We’ve got some tips on removing those tricky stains from clothing and carpet.

Need help? Book your summer cleaning now!

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